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This is the world of strategy consulting. Welcome to the world of PMCG.

Strategy is the means by which objectives are pursued and obtained over time. In short, it can be phrased as ' A conscious and deliberate process ensuring future success'.

Any organization charged with a goal to accomplish must go through a process of strategic consulting. The problem is, not many groups fully understand how to formulate a strategic plan that is at the same time parsimonious and flexible. Most organizations attempt to perform strategic planning in the wrong order. Many see risk analyses as the first step to be followed, some people simply break down tasks by looking at the deadlines and performing first those that must be finished earliest. A cogent and regular system of decision making is not often employed.

Strategic consultants help the companies make high level startegic decisions resulting increase in bottom line results and therby offering the company competitive advantage.They help you understand right acquisition deals, help you in effective expansion and also create awareness of the technology resulting in higher accountability and better management.

Some of the common Queries for Strategy Consulting

Who Are the Clients?
In theory, any business can use a strategy consulting firm. But the majority of organizations that do so are large to very large businesses that have national or, in many cases, global operations. These companies come from virtually all industries—including financial services, manufacturing, consumer goods and retail, energy, technology, telecommunications, and health care. Government agencies and nonprofit organizations are also frequent clients of strategy consulting firms.

The Value of Strategy Consulting to Clients
Strategy consultants bring two attractive sets of capabilities to their clients. The first is specific expertise and experience. A business might, for example, find itself wondering which strategy to adopt to enter an attractive yet competitive market. A top strategy-consulting firm has likely guided any number of businesses through precisely that same decision and has accumulated a wealth of related knowledge along the way. Incorporating this knowledge and expertise in the decision-making process can be an invaluable resource to that business.

The second key attribute that strategy consulting firms offer these organizations is an independent perspective. Businesses often find themselves tied to particular approaches and ways of thinking. A consulting firm, which has no such biases, can bring a fresh point of view. Coupled with a rigorously analytical approach, strategy consultants can deliver innovative solutions to their clients' problems to make a significant impact.

What Does It Take to Become a Strategy Consultant?
By its nature, strategy consulting demands a range of attributes. These include intellectual curiosity, analytical rigor, creativity, empathy, the ability to communicate effectively, and the passion and desire to make a difference. If you meet these criteria and choose to pursue a career in strategy consulting, you could find yourself in one of the most challenging as well as personally and professionally rewarding occupations there are.


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