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ROI Marketing is based on the essential need to improve lead generation in a way that can be measured and optimized. This approach addresses the critical requirements faced by today’s marketing executives:

Cutting new customer acquisition costs
Measuring marketing effectiveness
Justifying budgets
Increasing performance with reduced resources
Improving lead qualification
Marketing to customer niches

This exciting new marketing concept is built around a four-step framework:

Promoting your brand and acquiring new leads through incentive-based advertising, public relations, internet marketing, and direct response marketing
Engaging and capturing the new prospect with permission-based incentives (white papers, case studies, etc.) delivered via e-mail to develop a relationship, qualify the lead, and convert it into a customer
Measuring the effectiveness of the client’s marketing program by establishing key metrics, integrating analytics into campaigns, and calculating cost-per-metric ratios
Optimizing the client’s marketing mix and resource allocation to reflect the most effective messages and tactics
Now you can implement powerful lead generation programs that capture prospects, convert them to sales, and measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns
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