IT Services-Enterprise Business

In today’s collaborative business environment, organizations need to integrate their business processes, both internally and externally across the value chain to maintain their competitive advantage. Enterprise Business Integration (EBI) links the IT applications driving these business processes together providing complete, transparent and real-time access to information, in order to realize financial and operational advantages. With a rightly deployed Enterprise Business Integration architecture, organizations will be able to focus most of their efforts on creating core competencies rather than spending time on workflow management.

With a unique combination of domain, technology and process expertise, PMCG can help clients achieve world class, robust, highly scalable and business process driven EBI architecture to address business requirements. PMCG has over a decade of experience in EBI and has a dedicated team comprising of lead architects, application designers and developers who have strong business and technology focus.

PMCG service offerings in Enterprise Business Integration help provide the following:
• Maximizes benefits from investments in existing systems
• Enables business change through flexible underlying information technology systems
• Provides global enterprise visibility of information and business processes
• Extends supply chain visibility
• Reduces systems/IT total cost of ownership